I met Paul Grubb while studying at Mission College. His sense of humor is what first attracted me, it was all over the board. Much like Shakespeare, he can make someone laugh while dropping some serious knowledge, social commentary and deep meditative musings. I feel blessed to know this amazing individual, he has been an amazing writing counterpart for many years and it has been a pleasure, he’s been the catalyst in many escapades (my own and others), as well as source of critical feedback for my written work.

In 2013 I tried my own hand at reading one of Paul Grubb’s poetic works and recorded the ended while in Shasta, California. This is the original poem is also included below:

603422_10151113608533960_1049648182_n Hear the pounding of a heart
beaten on to drums
forming into sounds
echoed into one
feeling to explain
everyone’s the same

tears, a grain of salt
time, a grain of sand
mixing into measures
fashioned out of hand

right around a wrong
write around a wrong

this feeling
won’t belong

I’ll put it in a song
write where it belongs
right where it belongs

each day a given
to waste or spend
so thrift
we cannot keep
the change

to change
we cannot keep

it’s time to rearrange
you’re time’s to rearrange


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