To those that took part in our screening of Dirt, you can be your sweet asparagus that this will be on the list of screenings for the upcoming year.

SEED: The Untold Story - A Collective Eye Films Production

Unsung Hero of Agriculture 

Vavilov 2Though you’ve probably never heard of him–russian scientist Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov may be the greatest contributors to seed saving in the history of the world. A geneticist, breeder, and biologist, among many other things, Vavilov was the Leonardo Da Vinci of the plant world–a jack-of-all trades who excelled at everything he set his brilliant mind to. Graduating from Commercial College in 1906–Vavilov quickly moved on to the Moscow Agricultural Academy, where his career took off. Working in some of the most highly respected laboratories in Germany, France, and Great Britain, Vavilov became a professor at the Department of Agriculture in 1918, after lecturing there for a year on the features of plants growing around the Volga River. In 1920, at an amazingly young age, he made one of his first major breakthroughs in putting forward the “Law of Homologous Series in Hereditary Variation”–a theorem that helped…

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