Joseph Loup Le Mer Alexander CorderoThis past week I had the pleasure of interviewing Los Angeles DeeJay, Joseph Alexander Cordero, who is also known as Loup De Mer. He has been part of the electronic dance scene for the past five years, and has been spinning, remixing and keepin’ party goers dancin’ and groovin’ with his renditions of today’s top 40s, and classic 50s era muzik. One listen to his track “Back to the Future” will reveal that this DeeJay grew up around disco and is not afraid to bridge the gaps between music genres.

Personally, my favorite part of his cross genre set “Back to The Future” is his inclusion of Louis Armstrong’s “When You’re Smiling.” Cordero (DJ Loup De Mer), provides sample space for the legendary trumpet player’s unmistakable voice and trumpet solo.  Stylistically, this section of his set evokes audiotastic eargasms of the international electro swing fusions that artists such as Lyre Le Temps and Caravan Palace have shared on the international stage— to some extend the 2013 Great Gatsby Soundtrack attempts to replicate this style. Cordero just manages to put a little more soul and disco into the speakers. To keep things concise:  In short, Cordero is a rad fucking deejay with a electric musical arsenal.

Loup De Mer’s personal contact and artist page:

Loup De Mer,
Interview by Michael Ray De Los Angeles

“I would Fly no question about it, my fear of flying would be non-existant.”
-Loup De Mer-

With a MacBook pro and Traktor S4, Joseph Alexander Cordero has kept the LA electronic scene dancing for the greater part of a decade. His chosen super power would be flight and he has his sights on spinning to crowd of dancers internationally– including Europe and South America:

Michael Ray De Los Angeles:
As a DJ in Los Angeles, this city of Angels, what has been one of the most challenging feats that you have overcome, and how has that shaped the music you play and the set lists that you create?

 Joseph Alexander Cordero (Loup De Mer)
I myself am kind of an introverted dude, so when I got into DJing I wasn’t aware of how much promotion depended on my career. I was just interested in playing music for people because I kept going out to clubs in the early 2000’s and there was a lot of shit music and not enough people spreading the word of good music. By good music I mean music made to make you think, while still making you dance and never losing artistic credit. You can already tell I’m a bit of snob, but that doesn’t make me closed off to any type of genre, even pop music, which I must say is very difficult to pull off well.

All that said I always like to make my sets accessible to everyone not only by playing top 40 [tracks], but by also playing strait dance music with an undeniable groove… you may not like me but I WILL make you dance. To me it is all about the groove, if you can “Head bang” to it, [the music] works. Whether it be disco, techno, Hip Hop, Metal, Rock and Roll if you can head nod to that shit you’re golden.

Oscar Wilde once said, “the only thing I cannot resist is temptation;” where are the venues or festivals (either locally or abroad) that you consider simply irresistible, and given the chance, why would you want to spin there?

I would LOVE to play HARD and to be quite frankly anywhere outside of the U.S. I love the idea of playing South America and Europe. I feel more akin to the music scenes over there. But I would love to spin for Gary Richards, By far one of the most influential figures in electronic music today, the guy has done so much for the advancement of electro music here in the states.

I consider myself to be a bit of an audiophile, I Love all sorts of music, across various genres– symphony orchestras and Solfeggio frequencies to punk, doo wop and electro Jazz, I ❤ music. Joseph Cordero, as a DJ, I can only imagine that you are passionate about music. Why were you drawn to Electronic music and who are the musicians that inspire you? More specifically, what songs are you singing when you hop into the shower and which albums would I be surprised to find in your collection of tunes?

I was drawn to electronic music in the late 90’s by acts like Prodigy and Daft Punk. Disco was the background of my childhood, [although] I immersed myself into nu metal when I was lead singer of a L.A. Band at the age of 19. There is always a beat in my head, which I believe is the reason for many people to start making music.

The most influential artists that shape my sounds are Mr.Oizo, Boys Noize, Siriusmo and Breakbot and most importantly Gesaffelstein. I am always singing cheesy 80’s (Hall and Oates), “If I fell” (Beatles), Sparklehorse, Metronomy and anything Pixies. You might be surprised by my Deer Tick collection, or that I own The Highwayman and all my Franki Valli remixes, shit all my 50’s remixes, which I only play at cool day parties.

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