Hierosonic is eargasmic. Indeed this revolutionary musical troup is toe-tapping, drum rhythms, beating to the sounds of social consciousness. A delicate awaking, from a slumber in songs like Infinity, and a call to action  in songs like “The Media Taught you That” and “Dance to The War,” along with thought provoking lyrics within songs like “You’re Mine” are possibly some of the reasons why Hierosonic was ReverbNation’s Featured Artist, .

Benjamin Stewart, songwriter and guitarist for the band stated at last year’s Zeitgeist Media Festival, at the Historic Avalon Theater that, “Art is really the only thing you will find, as far back as any civilization will go, that inspires people to change and embrace change. It inspires people to connect with others, its a fire; an intangible thing inside you…[art] inspires revolution.” These were his opening words prior to playing a version of the song “Dance to The War” in which Mike Stang (who is also the band’s bassist) accompanies on piano.


From music to video, the band addresses issues of social consciousness– fearlessly I might add. In the video for “The media Taught You That”, the usage of television and video screens demonstrate how saturated our lives have become with the glowing screen. The visual effects that are used throughout the music video with quick glimpses of the “Hanged Man” ; which a wink-nod to the band more esoteric ethos– “The Esoteric Agenda” and “Kymatica.” The musicians: Jarred Cannon, Randy Elmy, Brandon Kroster, Benjamin Stewart, and Mike Stang still manage to bring a uplifting vibe to the subject matter.

Hierosonic Logo’d Flyer Credit:
Ann-Marie DeHerrera

Hieorsonic’s approach to themes of war, consciousness  and complacency has help to led to their success. The Pennsylvania transplates have appeared on the Andy Dick show, and played alongside bands such as Jane’s Addiction and 3 Doors Down.  In 2013 the Hierosonic played the Sunset Strip Music Festival alongside Hoobastank as well as the  headed the Zeitgeist Media Festival. I recommend a healthy dose of Hierosonic to be included in you summer playlist– whether live at one of their shows, or via one of their albums. Hierosonic online:
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