Locally Delicious
Ann Anderson

Michael Ray De Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles, CA, 2015Locally-Delicious

Published in Arcata, California, the publication contains a wide variety of resources that pertain to the Humboldt county region. The book compiles recipes, personal narratives, and full color photos of food, animals, plants and the people involved in the care, cultivation and  preparation of  these resources and foods. The appendix  includes listing of the farmer’s markets, restaurants,  information on community supported agriculture (CSA), and even information on foraging, fishing and hunting.

The book reveals the vast amount of resources that are available to people living within the Humboldt County region, but more so, it also demonstrates how important  a local food identity is to the residents of the area. The recipes of the book focus on seasonal platters, using ingredients that can be acquired in Humboldt. The Locally Delicious places a focus on eating locally by citing its benefits such as fresher food, and  a diverse community and economy. Lastly the book takes an approach against industrial agriculture, citing the effects that it has both on the region and its people.

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