Field Guide of North American Edible Wild Plants
Thomas Elias

Michael Ray De Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles, CA, 2015

Edible Wild PlantsThe field guide provides a detailed description of a diverse variety of plants that grow in North America, both perennials and annuals.  In addition, the guides illustrates the region(s) that each of the plants listed grows in, as well as the country of origin. For example miner’s lettuce, Montia perfoliata, is located in “valleys, lower mountain slopes, springs and moist sites” within America but is actually from Europe (Elias et al 95).  The guide also cites related species, how to identify, prepare and avoid “poisonous look-alikes.” The text even contains a section devoted to plants that should not be ingested. The seasonal key to plants within the guide is immeasurably useful.

Most of the plants that are mentioned in the text appear alongside full color illustrations, a complement to the descriptions of the plants found within the guide. The visuals assist the reader by addressing more than the physical descriptions of the of the plants, such as its leaves, stalk and colors. The photos that are used present the plants in various stages of growth, seasons or even how they appear as part of a larger landscape. This variability in presentation reminds the reader that all plants are part of a interconnected ecosystem.

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