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Wild Urban plants of the Northeast: a Field Guide.
by Peter Del Tredici

Wild Urban Plants of the NortheastPeter Del Tredici’s field guide re-imagines the urban landscape, trumping the myth that cities are devoid of plant diversity. Many urban areas consist of parking lots, concrete walkways, alleys, gutters and chain link fences and thus the amount the amount of nature within these areas is thought to be minimal, especially in relation to plant life. Tredici’s guide unveils the misconception and provides the reader with multiple photos of each plant entry, throughout lifecycle. Also Tredici includes the “ecological function” and habitat preference of  each plant.

The approach that Tredici takes allows for one to see a parking lot as something that contains not weeds but bull thistle, Cirsium vulagre, or broadleaf plantain, Plantago major L. Essentially, how one interprets a bioregion, helps to construct the narrative of the region. Within the urban landscape, a reevaluation of plant narratives is needed. Tredici’s demonstrates a comprehension of this need for reevaluation in several of his entries, he accomplishes this by including the cultural significance of particular plants . His cultural plant key is compiled with other standard aspects of a plant field guide, such as the physical description, scientific name of a plant.


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