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Dreamworlds 3
directed by Sut Jhally
Dreamworlds 3The films examines the cultural construction of the female identity within film, specifically music videos. Sut Jully suggests that the women within the dream world consent to being objectified. As a result, we, the consumers of staged misogynistic, violent, or pornographic images are directly on the social level. He suggests that the falsified portrayals of women within film, and other media affects how they are seen outside of the fantasy, or “dream world.” Within this Sut Jhally’s film there are various example of how music artists (of all genres) conform to the standards of the dream world– in some cases this conformity is represented by a surrender of the female body to physically abusive, dominant males. Dreamworlds 3 was chosen to help frame the concept of the disappearing girl. Throughout Sut Jully’s discussion, he highlights the various ways that women are muted, marginalized, objectified and abused because of the dominant cultural ideals held by the belief in the dreamworld.

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