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The Crucible
by Arthur Miller
(adapted for
The Crucible
In an adaptation of  Arthur Miller’s play, Jean-Paul Sartre provides a French interpretation of the American play. The play is set in colonial America (Salem Massachusetts to be exact), and it revolves largely around the life of John Proctor and his adolescent mistress Abigail Williams. A hardworking farmer, John Proctor discovers, Abigail and several other girls from his village dancing around a fire– which is considered blasphemous among the townspeople.

The result of his discovery is a series of trails in which the adolescent Abigail claims that she was under the influence of witchcraft at the time that she had been dance. She, along with the other accused directed their allegations at various people within the village in an effort to protect themselves from punishment. In the process, Abigail is shown to be aware of her sexuality (even attempting to fulfill her desires with the resistant John Proctor), simultaneously she acquires position of power falsifying her identity and claiming to be possessed– therefore not herself.

The historical and cultural context of the film is particularly interesting–Marcarthyism and the blacklisting of U.S citizens within film and literature are the actual witch hunts which occurred during the time that Miller had produced the play.
This novel is a CA Dept of Ed. recommended reading

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