This is a hands on tutorial, that will help you get to know your Mustang GT a little better, and help lower your long-term maintenance costs in the process. If you already servicing vehicle, by completing your own oil changes, or installing your rotors, then you’re well on way to a rewarding relationship with your automobile– and already have some of the necessary tools for other self-service maintenance. For more info about routine maintenance and other ways to get in tune with your car visit the Mustang Forum.

This article applies to the Ford Mustang GT (1996-2004)

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Getting Started:

Identify where your spark plugs are, your engine size (V6 or V8) will determine how many spark plugs you have. In the diagram below, four are located on the passenger’s side of the engine, and four on the driver’s side, you will only have six if you have a V6 engine.Template 3Mustang Forum

  • The first plug that you’re going to remove is on the passenger side of the engine and is closer to bumper– C5 in diagram. Use your 3/8 plug socket to remove the first plug, then set it aside.
  • Next you’re going to use your going to use your 3/8 plug socket with the 6′ inch extension to remove the second plug, this may be a tight squeeze, but fairly quick if you use your extension.
  • Proceed to remove the remaining plugs on the passenger’s side. Once this is completed switch to the driver’s side of the engine and repeat the process, starting with the plug closest to you and working your way towards the rear. See C7-B6.
  • Now that all the spark plugs are out, you can begin installing your new spark plugs into the empty slots, beginning with the front of the vehicle on the passenger’s side.
  • Before putting in your new spark plugs spread a small dab of anti seize on the threads of the spark plugs
  • One by one you will begin installing your spark plugs, start with the passenger side nearest to you, and work your way toward the rear of the engine, repeat this process on the driver’s side of the engine. You will continue using your spark plug socket.

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Recommended Resources:

If you’re looking to continue servicing your vehicle I recommend using Chilton’s Total Car Care Repair Manual, Chilton produces service manuals for many makes and models, including 4th generation Mustangs. Order your copy for full diagrams and the detailed instructions you need to get the job done. Order Ford Mustang: 1994 through 2004, Updated to include 1999 through 2004 models today!

WhMustang Forum 1ether you’re looking to mod your vehicle or need a few tips from other Mustang enthusiasts, The Mustang Forums is for you. Members include veteran Mustang owners, mechanics, and people who just enjoy this American-made brand. Search the forum for insider tips on Spark Plug replacement, and other how-to tutorials.

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