2 love or 2 hate

The Southern California Based ensemble known as 2 Love or 2 Hate, fuses elements of traditional goth melancholy, dark wave melodies, and then injects serious industrial attitude with great technological skill– it is like The Revolting Cocks & The Sisters of Mercy had a love-child that reminded you that songs about the macabre and darker side of life still have more ground to break. The result of this band’s musical endeavors? A collection of songs that kick you right in the bat box, and shake the cob webs right off your dancing boots.

The complexities found within songs like “Heaven & Hell”, “Bow Down”, and “What’s Left To Say” bring a tour de force of wet vocals, hard hitting drums, and synthesizer programing that would make C-3P0 & R2-D2 blush. These tracks are also lyrically appealing with choral refrains like “heaven and hell just feel the same to me” embedded between ultra-heavy drum beats, and synthesizer crystals.

The product of a broad spectrum of subcultural influences, from Marilyn Manson, and Nine Inch Nails, to the Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode; this musical ensemble is carving their own casket shaped place in the industrial & goth subculture.

10991123_786684471416969_2812924027338942953_nMichael Ray De Los Angeles is a Los Angeles Writer, co-director of Vampire Freaks Los Angeles a online and in-person group for Goth, Industrial and Kink enthusiasts. Previous events include sponsorship  for the LA Fashion Fetish Ball, DTLA Tokyo Meetup, and more. Join the community on Facebook or Vampire Freaks.com