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The set opens up with Korn’s Freak on a leash and it feels that it could become a hard rock playlist, but the quickly becomes journey into the macabre with Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s “Knock Three Times [Skinny Kinda Mix], and is quickly followed up with Caravan Palace’s Ended With a Night. Caravan Palace is known for their contributions to the genre of Electro Swing, an emerging genre within Europe which fuses 1920 speakeasy, big band elements with a wide range of modern technology; including synthesizers, and electronic instruments.

The mix run time is  one hour and includes iconic songs from the last three decades. Depeche Mode’s Master And Servant, Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Madonna’s  Get Into The Groove, pick up the tempo for the listener. To follow up, David Bowie’s  I’m Afraid of Americans reintroduces the ultra heavy beat that the mix started off with.  Canada’s The Birthday Massacre hold a unique space in the set as their cover of I think We’re Alone has both the electronic beat but also evokes a sort of 80s nostalgia.

Half way through the mix is Dieselboy’s Loading Program, which is abruptly halted by lead sing of the Cramp’s unmistakable vocals, howling and heavy breathing,  "Come on little mama let’s tear this damn place up.” he says  with a seductively, right before jumping back into a rockabilly ruckus of guitar, drums and bass. Indeed Tear this Damn Place Up is an icon track, as is its follow-up, The Time Warp– from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The ghoulish cult classics continue as the Time Warp fades and The Sister of Mercy’s Alice, synth drums and gothic  vocals play. The Horrors with Who Can Say and  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Maps offer a more contemporary take on gothic, punk inspired music. Alternatively Voltaire as well as Zombina and the Skeletons offer alternative lyrical content and musical arrangements that demonstrate the humorous side of gothic music. Both Voltair and Zombina And the Skeletons can be found on the social media site Vampire

The mix winds down with The Creepshow’s vintage sounding song The Garden, the song includes some amazing harmonies, and a hypnotic bass line that accentuates the vocals. To close the set is Etta Jame’s, a icon within big band, motown and jazz aficionados. Enjoy the set, leave a comment or contact me directly via Twitter @Vampyrohtechnix. Cheers!