Photo by R.J for Omniklix  Model: MS.3

by Jay Dee Santacruz 

Q: What is your favorite personal art pieces?

A: I love making life size sculptures..This way I can hug them

Q: What are your top self care strategies ?

A: Strict masturbation  and aloe Vera juice.

Q: What is your sexual identity?

A: I identify as bi-gender. I always felt as though I had a ghost dick. But biologically I was born with a vagina.

Q: Who introduced you to art?

A: The first person was my cousin, who mailed me a hand made birthday card.  The art on it was flawless better than the hallmark card’s from the store.

Q: What was your experience growing up in South Central Los Angeles?

A: My experience living in south central as a child was a nightmare. I was the youngest of 4 my siblings were not trying to hang out with their little sister.  Never had a stable home we were always moving from one bad neighborhood to the other.  

Q: Why did you chose to open heart of art?

A: I chose to open heart of art gallery because I could never go out without feeling gross or unwelcomed..so I built a place for freaks and geeks to be as Looney as possible without feeling out of place


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