Michael Ray De Los Angeles is Seed Genie’s Featured Artist, custom designed seed packets for large-scale events and promotions are now available.

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Michael Ray De Los Angeles  I Phone: 323.592.7649 I Email: MRDLA1111@gmail.com

563088_421881214612262_1520337563_nLos Angeles, California: February 5, 2016 — Michael Ray, a.k.a., “Michael Ray De Los Angeles,” California grown artist and cinematographer behind Why We Climb (California Environmental Legacy Project) and Open Up Your Eyes  (Parthenia Grant, CRN Digital Talk Network), is now a featured artist of Seed Genie: Custom Seed Packets For Large Scale Events And Promotions, promoting art, Earth, and GMO free seeds.

Inspired by the ecologically-minded, efforts of Ron Finely, Tree People and muralist Peter Quezada, artist Michael Ray has designed this series of seed packets to draw attention to the need for non GMO seeds, and foods.

A continued effort on the parts of Seed Genie, who have been selling exceptional, non GMO (genetically modified seeds) seeds for over 39 years, as well Michael Ray, who has been an advocate of urban green space, and community supported agriculture, the seed packet designs are ecological, artfully captivating and empowering. The designs featured in Michael Ray’s series utilize familiar icons (hearts and flowers) but present them in a new light; Fertile Heart features a blue rose, World United presents a heart-shaped world (and was first presented at the 2011 Pasenda Chalk Art Festival); additionally, Transcend and Precious glow, utilize a “flower of life” as a centerpiece. As a collection, the designs reflect Michael Ray’s artistic skill, eye for detail, and evocation of ecological wonder.

A vital aspect of The Seed Genie is their unique promotional medium for artists and business owners, seed packets. The works by Michael Ray, featured Seed Genie artist, are now accessible through seed genie’s site, and can be ordered online. For commissions, interviews, public speaking engagements and inquiries please contact Michael Ray at 323.592.7649.


Special thanks to Broadchester Farms and Burkart Organics.