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With so much violence happening in popular media– shootings, bombings, war, war, and war– it is imperative that we strive to keep a positive vibe grooving. Sooo bring on the dirt, ’cause I’m a seed! Throw me a lemon and I will eat that right in front of you without batting a eyelash . And play me a tune that is revolutionary and forward thinking and I will listen.  

Cue the music: Sam Cook’s “A Change is Going to Come” is an artfully composed song that was released on December 22, 1964. The same year that Malcolm X was banned and later left the Nation of Islam; The opening of the New York World’s Fair; rising civil angst towards the Vietnam War; launch of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; as well as the births of Michelle Obama, Crispin Glover, Courtney Love and death of Sam Cook himself. 

JPOD’s remix of “A Change is Going to Come” is a soulful rendition of a song that has as much relevance today as it did when it was released. The “wub-wub-wubby” vibe does not deter from the original track, rather, it gives it a contemporary feeling; an eargasmic arrangement that one might catch while listening to the very modern Andre 3000 or Raphael Saadiq. The song itself was produced in a social climate of deep segregation, war and civil unrest. While Sam Cooke himself thought the song sounded like death, I believe speaks a necessary truth. 

The-Great-Moon-Contributors (2)Michael Ray is a California-grown, native Angelino, hailing from Virgil Village; and is an advocate for public green space, edible gardens, and animal rights. As graduate ofHumboldt State University, this artisan has worked alongside the Humboldt Student Food Collective, the Campus Center For Appropriate Technology (CCAT), The Humboldt Circus, Broadchester Farms, Burkart Organics and  The California Environmental Legacy Project, creating ecologically conscious art in the forms of live theater, documentaries, paintings, zines, and essays.


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