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When You Cant Scream Cover Doren DamicoDoren Damico’s “When You Can’t Scream: 10 Reasons Why I Smoke”

10 Reasons Review--MRDLA“Doren Damico’s When you Can’t Scream: 10 Reasons Why I Smoke is a captivating, educative and intimate narrative that weaves together science spirit and self. The result is a travelogue of a smoker that has lit up cigarettes to socialize, respond to trauma, meditate, and at times, stay grounded. Candidly, I enjoyed reading this book and you will too– whether you’re lighting a cigarette up or not.”

Michael Ray


A few words from Doren Damico:

Doren Damico -- linked in Profile

“Michael Ray is an amazing collaborator! He is very detail oriented, reliable, creative, and gets the job done! He has edited my writing, provided marketing support to my projects, and edited a music video for me. I will do more projects with him in the future.”


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