Throughout the party planning phase for Doren Damico’s I Scream Party (Saturday, January 14, 2017), I’ve been listening to Tikal Sun, and reflecting on my own smoking habits through Doren’s WHEN YOU CAN’T SCREAM YOUTUBE channel. One of the fun things that I’ve been thinking about are things that I like to do rather than smoke. So here are 10 ways that I curb my smoking via some groovy Instagram pics and inspired by Doren’s 10 Reasons Why I Smoke.


1). I go for  a walk, or hike, this helps me clear my head. Often times I edit video, or text in long blocks, and it is easy for me only want to stop for a smoke break. The truth is that I’m much happier when I find a good stopping point and then go for a run, walk, hike or bicycle ride:

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2. Juggle. I didn’t start of by juggling 4 balls (my goal is 6) but I did start off slow. I keep my juggling equipment close for moment when I feel like I just NEEEEEEEED to smoke. Not only does juggling have some great meditative and cognitive benefits, it is really fun too! #Shoutout to my fellow monkeys of The Humboldt Circus!!!

3. I go watch a show. From live theater, to music, to spoken word performances, a good show will keep my mind off of smoking. Seriously never underestimate the power of live entertainment, I generally avoid the smoking section at events, because I won’t bring a pack with me, and I don’t ask others for a cigarette.

4. I garden. No smoking near my plants. All Hail the kale. 😀

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#AllHailTheKale #PopArt and #kalefornialove

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5. I Drink Tea. This is perhaps my most favorite options. I can have a cup of tea anywhere, anytime, along or with friends. When is a good time for tea? Anytime. #TeabagWisdom.

6. I cook yummy vegan food. When in doubt veggie out. In an honest attempt to curb my smoking I used to carry around carrot sticks. Nowadays I will just head straight for the fridge and  chop, dice, and cut my way through a craving. Don’t get me wrong, I Love my carrot sticks, but it is hard to  say no to a double stacked, veggie burger with avocado, tomatoes and a raw vegan dressing or a salad with quinoa and a warm tea.

7. Art & Design. I create new layouts, rework old art projects and revamp ideas for new works. Art itself is pretty therapeutic and I setting the intention to work on a new design, art project or submit a proposal can be a positive channel through which I can filter a cigarette craving.

8. Go for a bicycle ride. I know that I mentioned hiking, running, walking and bicycling earlier, but honestly bicycling deserves it’s own place on this list. Why? Because it’s a car-free approach to not smoking– some peeps do smoke in their car. I find that taking my bike out is a good measure of my own health. Am I winded after a few short miles or are my lungs up to par? In any case, ride a bike; one more way to lead a smoke-free lifestyle.

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Take your best friend to work day. ❤

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9. Photography and Videography. With the increased capacity of cell phones, anyone can take a good photo. If you feel like you need to smoke a cigarette, then pull out your phone and snap a few pics. However, if you want to take things a little more seriously, then never underestimate the power of a good camera and some video editing software for amazing photos or videos. This is also a great way to document you smoke-free journey.

10. Read a book, or several. Sometimes all you really need to take your mind off of smoking is a good book.

That’s it, those are my 10 ways to curb smoking, I hope this helps, and I wish you well. Have a happy smoke-free 2017. If you liked these ideas, then leave a comment or share some of the ways that you curb your smoking. In the meanwhile, thanks for reading and stayed tuned for even more tips.

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Amazing book!! Beautifully written, both poetry and prose. Brutally honest, sometimes difficult, but well worth the effort!

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Order a copy before your next cigarette break

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