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“"For all our natural wealth, we in America have become increasingly disconnected from our natural world.

What is needed at this juncture is to turn the corner and head toward a better and broader public understanding of the planet’s natural systems and how we are inextricably linked to them. From that knowledge, American ingenuity can rise to the challenge of building a more sustainable future – one in which our actions and creations fit into the natural systems that sustain life.

The California Environmental Legacy Project offers a fresh approach to this education challenge. Combining rich visual imagery, digital distribution and artful storytelling, the Legacy Project seeks to awaken public understanding and stimulate cultural change through an integrated package of environmental media programs. Led by distinguished scientists, leading educators and award-winning media professionals, the Legacy Project will connect our everyday lives to the life of California’s natural systems and inspire us to become long-term partners with nature.
– Jim Baxter, Executive Producer
– Jeffrey White, Executive Producer”“ _____________________

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