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Lucky Me!

Fun fact! While I attended John Marshall High School (Los Angeles), I played the role of Lucky from the Samuel Beckett‘s play Waiting for Godot (Esperando a Godot), and while in París I recited a few lines from the play –as well as a few lines from his short story Suite published in part by Jean-Paul Sartre, both of their tombstones were within ear shot of each other.

Perhaps my favorite part of playing the role of lucky was the monologue, simply a great piece of writing that I would dissect again while attending Humboldt State University.

Today, I appreciate the depth of Beckett’s work so much more; his noble peace prize, his global recognition, and the of course the fact that he has a special place on my book shelf. #Shelfie 😀

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The-Great-Moon-Contributors (1)Michael Ray is a writer, editor, and Generation Y shutterbug. California grown environmentalist and published photographer, “Say Avocado.”

You can find me across social media platforms (including Twitter, Soundcloud, Bonoboville, Instagram, and Youtube) with intersecting content focused on ecology, environmental activism, Literature, and California culture. I read and write about plant-based living, with recommended readings, audio broadcasts and short documentaries. I  like appropriate technologies like solar system and home gardens.

In my non-writing life, I like painting, fashion, yoga, and set design. I’m a graduate of Humboldt State University with a BA in English Literature, and was a costumer for the world-famous Humboldt Circus 2012-13. I love Poesy, spoken word and was Poetry Division editor for The Toyon Literary Journal.

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