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Fun Home-- Alison BechdelWhat started off as a graphic memoir is now a LIVE musical; Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home is now playing at the Ahmanson Theater located at The Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

The stage production, based on the life of LGBTQ icon Alison Bechdel, is an inmate look into the life of the author and her Pennsylvanian family. Bechdel herself is a renown cartoonist, best known for the long running comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For. Her comics, and memoir have been well received by audiences and critics, having been awarded the a Stonewall Book Award as well as five Tonys for the play.

In Fun Home Bechdel (played by Kate Shindle) describes her relationship with her parents, her father Bruce (played by Robert Petkoff ) and mother Joan (played by Karen Eilbacher). From early early life( Alessandra Baldacchino as ‘Small Alison’), to high school and college (Abby Corrigan as ‘Medium Alison’) the story is set in the backdrop of rural America. One of the defining elements of this play is how Bechdel’s family, challenge and adapt certain gender codes  in the post-World War II era.

The Alision Bechdel’s Fun Home is will be on stage at the Ahmanson Theatre from February 21 through April 1, 2017; followed by JAMES LAPINE & STEPHEN SONDHEIM’S INTO THE WOODS beginning in April.


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In my non-writing life, I like painting, fashion, yoga, and set design. I’m a graduate of Humboldt State University with a BA in English Literature, and was a costumer for the world-famous Humboldt Circus 2012-13. I love Poesy, spoken word and was Poetry Division editor for The Toyon Literary Journal.

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