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I'm a writer. Simply a writer. I stopped defining myself a long time ago. No, I'm not a blogger, or a journalist, or a film critic, or a music expert, or a novelist, or a paperback writer... JUST a writer, next question!

imagineahimsa: Earth Day means time for a giveaway! Lovely Ahimsa art collaboration by Mary Ann Lederer (artist) & Dr. E.J. Farians (wordsmith–may her soul rest in peace) in framable poster form (as seen in the entryway to our Florida sanctuary) can... Continue Reading →


fullbelliesonabudget:Slow cooker North African squash and chickpea stew,                      It’s that time again! Yes it’s cold enough for stews. I haven’t had the slow cooker out for ages so, I thought I’d dust it off. I fancied something a bit different.... Continue Reading →

yackattack: Southern Kale Salad with Smoky Ranch

rawveganista:Happy #PiDay! #SaintPatricksDay is just round the bend, so I’ve done #raw/#vegan/#glutenfree Reuben PIZZA pie in honour of both occasions.This raw/vegan, grain-free, & nut-free #veganic pie is comprised of the following elements: “Rye bread” crust, topped w/creamy #eggfree/#dairyfree Thousand Island... Continue Reading →

We wish you a vegan Christmas, we wish you a vegan Christmas, we wish you a vegan Christmas, and a #VEGAN New Year!

veganmiam: On the blog ⎮ For Christmas Eve we are joined by the creative and talented @Irina_Wang from the food/travel blog Wandercrush. Check out her lovely #vegan variation of ‘nkhatenkwan’ (ground nut stew from Ghana). This dish has been veganized... Continue Reading →

yackattack: New on Vegan Yack Attack! Mint Mocha Cold Brew & Body Scrub

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