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Loup De Mer One Rad Deejay with an Electric Musical Arsenal.

Los Angeles based EDM DJ Loup De Mer interviews by Vampyrohtechnix Media Corespondent Michael Ray De Los Angeles.


Tricia “Trish the Dish” Riel Takes You On a Magical Journey

Tricia Riel, is an artist of many talents. We first met in Humboldt, California, where she shared with me many well known secrets of juggling, character development, voice acting and even publishing. I have The Humboldt Circus to thank for... Continue Reading →

Michelle “Moss” Wurlitzer, Chico’s Bicycling Muralist

Cycling activist, artist and Humboldt State graduate, Michelle Moss Wurlitzer.

Dream. Shift. Inspire!

Yesterday Aliss Wang and myself spoke over the phone yesterday for a "LIVE THE DREAM COACHING SESSION." I'm still processing the full conversation, but let me tell you, it was insightful, delightful and something that I highly recommend! If you... Continue Reading →

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