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L.A. Zine Fest 2016 | The Great Moon: Handbook For A New Paradigm Zine Now Out!


–March 6, 2016. Extra! Extra! The Great Moon: A Handbook for a new paradigm is out! Edited by Michael Ray De Los Angeles, with contributions from Doren Damico, Violet Sotolense, VEGAN DIY, the 13th Floor Art Society, and Dr. Parthenia Grant host of Divine Love Talk on CRN Digital Talk Network. Inside of this edition you’ll find DIY projects, recommended media, books, and events.  DIY Laundry Soap with Vampyrohtechnix Media, and new book reviews of Locally Delicious: Recipes and Resources for Eating on The North Coast, and Octavia Butler’s Queer-Ecosexual and Feminist Science Fiction novel Parable of The Sower. The Revolution is what you Read! So Feed your mind!

Questions, comments, concerns, or just ready to submit your content? Contact | 323.592.7649 || Eco-Conscious zines from #LoraxCommunity.


❁ The 13th Floor Arts Society ❁ Open House: February 13th, 2016


They’re at it again! This time the 13th Floor Art society is unveiling the latest addition to their toolbox of artivism, the 13th Floor Laboratory. This unique space will be located in the San Fernando Valley, and offering a wide range of resources to aspiring artisans, master craftsmen (and women); as well as tools for students and visiting artists from around the world. See you Saturday:





Open house sneak peek:



Previous events

Community Services Unlimited Pre-launch at Paul Robeson Center in South LA

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Photo Gallery from Community Services Unlimited‘s pre-launch at the Paul Robeson Center in South Los Angeles, the area’s 1st Beyond Organic Farmer’s Market.

How Do you LA?: Spoken Word

Infinity FlowerHow do you LA?
by Michael Ray De Los Angeles
/R/LosAngeles [Spoken Word][Things to Do]

Photos by Vampyrohtechnix Media,

Need to spice up your week? Try these five things to do in Los Angeles.
This week: 5 spoken word venues.


VAMPYROHTECHNIX MEDIA ARCHIVE, 2015.Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural

Located in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural and bookstore, hosts classes and a bilingual open-mic Friday nights at 8pm. Evenings typically include spoken word, music, story-telling, comedy, and local news updates. A trans-generational space, with teen and adult programs throughout the month. 13197 Gladstone Ave, Sylmar, CA 91342

MRDLA-Leimert ParkThe World Stage.

Need critical feedback? Try Writer Wednesdays at The World Stage in Leimert Park. A cultural hub of Los Angeles since 1989 that was Founded by master jazz drummer Billy Higgins and by poet and community arts activist Kamau Daáood. 4344 Degnan Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008. Also a must see: THE LEIMERT PARK BOOK FAIR.

Michael Ray De Los Angeles. All Rights ReservedTuesday Night Project

In DTLA on a Tuesday night? You may be in luck, if you’re in Little Tokyo. A short walk up second street is the jade jewel of little Tokyo, the Tuesday Night Project, an ongoing event since 1998. Located in the Aratani Courtyard of the Union Center for the arts. The night that I went Bejing Spring, a operatic choir opened up the evening. The Tuesday Night project is every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, signups for this open mic at begin 7pm. 120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Heart of Art 2Heart of Art Gallery

An art gallery for women, queers and transgender folks, as well as a rescue sanctuary for injured, abused and stray animals. A short trip from USC, in exposition park, the gallery hosts open-mics, drags shows, queer mixers, live music shows, workshops and photos shoots throughout the month. Los Angeles’ premiere queer gallery. 1907 Rodeo Rd, LA CA 9001. 

LAPS--IRIS-D-ANDAThe Los Angeles Poet Society

This collective hosts open-mic sessions, showcases and more throughout Los Angeles area, see events page for calendar listings. Some of the venues that the LA Poet Society can be found at include; Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291; and Sugar & Cream in NOHO, 10719 Burbank Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601.  Photo: Iris De Anda.

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20XIV: Sock The Homeless.

Yes.Feliz 20XIV.  I. Arrival.  #bikeoven

Yes, it is here. No, we’re not going to melt, and the world is not going to end–at least not any sooner than previously scheduled. Instead we’re going to make this year a little brighter than the previous, not simply for ourselves, but for those around us. As we begin a new cycle around the sun, reflecting on the lessons we learnt and pulling wisdom from where we can find it– Facebook, the bottoms of bottle caps, the tags on teabags, intoxicated loved ones– now is a great time to get sh!t done.

The Mom Riderz Bicycling Club, in collaboration with several other cycling groups, Health LA, and the Bike Oven in Highland Park, recognized the urgency of now, and kicked off 20XIV with the 4th Annual Sock the Homeless Charity Ride. The ride brought together a few dozen bicyclists, and over nine hundred dollars worth of socks, beanies, scarfs, gloves, and winter clothes– not to mention over 100 prepared lunches. The intention? Well, I believe the event page sums it up nicely:

The rainy season is upon us and if you have ever endured walking around with wet socks or have had to spend long periods of time
in wet socks, then you can understand the importance of us wanting to warm up the homeless even if it’s with this small gesture.

-MoM Ridaz Facebook Event Page

Hands down, the event was about mindfulness of others– as much as it was about bicycling, community strengthening, and other celebrations of life.

Group photo
Pre-ride group photo, courtesy of Mom Ridaz’s Facebook Page.

Now there are some things that I learned (and was reminded) of while riding to and in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles).

1) The art of bicycling transcends color, gender, social, and political lines.

2) Hands ups are radically different from hand outs.

3) When I call out “MoM” you yell out “Ridaz”

4th Annual Mom Riderz Sock The Homeless Charity Ride: En route to DTLA.

4) When in doubt, look for the guy on the tall phreak bicycle.

5) Yes there is order in chaos, and you better believe that someone is watching the time come 4pm.

6) No rider is left behind.

7) Skid Row smells like old urine.

8) Homelessness does not equate to ignorance, laziness, or mental instability.

9) Phreak bicycles are fun to ride.

10) 12:45 MoM time means sometime before 3pm.

11) Two words: “Ratrod Riders.” (Updated December 6th)

All this said, cheers & Feliz 20XIV!
Thank you MoM Ridaz, the Bike Oven and the many cyclists that socked the homeless.


III. Bike Oven Flyer Space.  #BikeOven #La4art #GRAFFITERIALA #vampirefreaks
Bike Oven Community Flyer space #GraffiteriaLA #LA4ART

The Humboldt Circus Presents: 28 Clubs Later

I am back in Humboldt California, at least for these next few days. As the sound of drums echoes off in the background I can’t help but feel that I am once again home– although in reality everywhere is home.

Last night I went to see the Humboldt Circus Presents: 28 Clubs Later, a delightful 2 act presentation– of juggling, hooping, acrobatics, zombies, pirates and Pikachu. All in all, I can say that I was thoroughly entertained, it could have been the fact the Marching Lumberjacks played an amazing mid-way set; it could be because I watched a pirate juggle over a woman’s body; or maybe even because the circus itself erupted into scantily clad dance part. There is definitely something funny in the air going on around this performance — and you don’t want to miss out.

Check out The Humboldt Circus Facebook Group for more Monkeys:

Sylmar Olive Festival

Wow!!! This was a whirlwind of a weekend. In addition to chalking at the Sylmar Olive Festival; meeting tons of wonderful artists; listening to soulful music, and eating my fill of olive flavored delights, I also had the opportunity to catch up with members of the band Skulrot– outside of the studio.

Day one, John Reddick won my vote for toga chant of the hour; upon arrival, the Skulrot vocalist announced himself with a “Toga! Toga! Toga!” a la John Belushi in Animal house. Entertaining? YES. Did it bring a smile to my face? Of course. We’re people under the age of 20 confused by the man in the bed sheet toga chanting? You bet your sweet derriere they were, and I Loved every moment of it.

Saturday evening brought out Paul Winter DesCombes to the festival. Also in toga attire, Paul brought with him an air of calm, he’s usually a sweaty mess– after enthusiastically drumming for a Skulrot set, I would be too.  In any case, we had a great time talking  and even discussed the band’s upcoming DVD release.

As much fun as the festival was, I am glad that it is over. I am not sure how many more olives I could have eaten (despite how absolutely funkin’ tasty they were). In any case it was nice to have been awarded the  “most original chalk art piece” by the people. As for the rest of the festival experience I can sum it up in a poem that I have dubbed, “Technicolor Snot,”

Break time!!!!
Moi taking a break, admiring my handy work and very thankful for the invention of forks.

Technicolor Snot
Dust, and multicolored hands press against concrete
that is smoother than sandpaper but far from the texture of marble.
I see my reflection in the camera lens of the news reporter, the child with a Iphone,
and my fellow chalking companions.

These hands of mine, still rough from climbing walls of stone,
now press dust into smooth gray floor.
MORE green, more red, more pink, black and yellow.
Le sigh.

I blow my nose as the sun sets and the chalk dust settles.

Day 2
Lettres take shape and I see the end on the horizon;
this will all be gone tomorrow, the olives, the chalk, the artists, the visions.

Day two
I hear my name and walk, towards the stage, smiling and covered in color.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LIST OF THANK YOUS!!!! Peter Quezada for introducing me to murals, art and chalking; The LAMC Culinary department for stopping by and discussing food, olives, and art. Kristin Sills, you are a goddess, thank you for everything that you did in putting together Chalk Alley and for being present and helpful with all of the chalkers, festival attendees, and volunteers, you are amazing!!! My fellow chalk artists. LORAXCOMMUNITY.ORG. Edward Campos @ Imagination Works & Michael Long for the great dialogues and conversations over the course of the weekend; Skulrot, Gabby Delgado, Andrew @ The Healing, Arts, & Community Awareness Home!

Speaking of The Healing, Arts & Community Awareness home:

Voicing Rhythms September

Dirty Cars = Squeaky Clean Fun. (The Community Calendar In Review)

In this post
The Los Angeles Renegades RollerGirls get squeaky clean
Band Skulrot plays “Wash Club” Fundraiser
STOP! In the Name of Lovefest 2013.
Michael Ray De Los Angeles Needs your Vote
Community Calendar

Roller Derby Car Wash Sign

“Dirty Cars, Squeaky Clean Fun” or “How I spent A Saturday Afternoon”

Call me old fashioned but I don’t think that roller skating ever went out of style, a Saturday afternoon with the Los Angeles Renegade RollerGirls has reminded me that I am not the only that holds this belief. In fact, this past weekend I attended LARRG’s fundraiser at Nit Pickers in Azusa, California. The event brought together “Skulrot,” and The Scurvy Kids both bands are from the Los Angeles area, and played hour long sets in support LARRG’s event “Wash Club.” The proceeds of the event (funds raised from the sale of t-shirts buttons, stickers, glasses and car washing) will help the team pay for their trip to Arizona this coming November.

Outside of Nit Pickers, cars were being washed, LARRG merchandise was being sold, and the rollergirls were letting everyone within earshot know what was the hoses, buckets of water and the roller skates were about. Inside the store, the band Skulrot was on stage, playing to fans, rollergirls and passersby. The hour long set was comprised mostly of original songs, said John Redick, guitarist and vocalist of Skulrot.

Skulrot @ NitPickers
Skulrot showing support for “Wash Club”

Two cover songs were played and well received by an audience that sang along with Redick–The Misfits’ “Skulls” and the Ramones‘ “Its a Long Way Back.” By the end of the set  the band had played well over ten songs, to an audience that consisted of adolescents, parents, elders, rollergirls, thrift store shoppers, couples, and even a Chihuahua, a kissing booth, and a giant bottle of Ketchup.

For information about upcoming shows, check out Skulrot on facebook and Reverbnation

-♥-♥-♥-♥-STOP! In the Name of LOVEFEST 2013.-♥-♥-♥-♥-

Sunday I was presented with an unexpected surprise from the Universe, a trip to Lovestock 2013 at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood. My initial thought was “really?” Upon my arrival the Universe responded with a mind blowing “yes.” Once inside I reconnected with Shane Chunephisal (, a massage therapist and sound/energy healer that I met at the Healing, Arts, Community Awareness  Home in Highland Park. Chunephisal has regularly provided crystal sound bowl sessions for the community  during Sunday evening dinners at HACAH. Also present at Lovestock was Sean Hill, easily one of my favorite spoken word artists– we met several years ago while ciphering the spoken word circuit. Take a gander at his video for the poem “Optimistic Incisions”

My arrival at the festival placed me just in time to enjoy a group meditation and shortly thereafter a continuation of the dance party. Sadly, I missed the Luminaries’ set. However, when I arrived the headliners of the evening were just beginning their set and I was able to enjoy the whole of a guided group meditation. In addition I also had enough time to examine the art and displays, pay a visit to the Kombucha bar, and say “‘ello” to a plethora of familiar faces, and some new ones as well. All I can say is Lovestock 2014? FUNK YEA!

-♥-♥-♥-♥-Michael Ray De Los Angeles Need your Vote-♥-♥-♥-♥-

To wrap up this post I would just like to share a little bit of intimate information that is going on within my own life, beyond the journeys to these amazing places. Currently (as of 2pm, 9.16.20XIII to be exact), I am taking part in INDI’s “Original Song: Season 1;”  this is both a return to the realm of music and also a cathartic process for me. I have not had any inclination to paint recently (despite my Love of the art)and so I have needed to guide my energy towards something else. The result was the release of Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Sung on Chalk Stain’d Concrete, a collection of experimental spoken word set to music.

As I have continued my return to music and music experimentation , the song  I composed, Art’s a Supernova is currently  part of Indi’s “Original Song: Season 1.” What does this have to do with you? I need votes, views, shares and community support. Give a listen to the track and if you dig it, then please vote for it; if it is not your cup of tea, ask yourself why it is not.

Thanks in advanced, and be sure to check out the gallery of upcoming events below
Have a wonderful week.
Michael Ray De Los Angeles

-♥-♥-♥-♥-Community Calendar & The week ahead. -♥-♥-♥-♥-

Also on the horizon is Akilia, which will be taking place on the 27th-29th of September. Click HERE for more information

NEXT POST: Wednesday September 18th 20XIII, “On the Road With Skulrot” plus an exclusive live video!

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