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Photo of the Day: Santa Monica Fire Fighters


Happy #Earthday to Octavia Butler. The world you wrote about in Parable Of The Sower hasn't come into existence, however some would argue that we're not that far off from the science fiction dystopian world that Lauren Olimina inhabits. Your writing... Continue Reading →

Protected: GDW

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Photo of the Day: MacArthur Park

"Spheres at MacArthur Park", a public art installation on the water featured thousands of colorful floating spheres.

American Love Affair: Gun Violence Strikes Again by Michael Ray

Back in 1999, Columbine was all over the news, and the "Trench Coat Mafia" was the buzzword of the day. In the aftermath of the Columbine School Shooting, the headlines targeted video games, music, and parenting. In recent news, acts... Continue Reading →

Emergency Preparedness and You | #ReadySetGo

While other parts of the United States prepare for a chilly holiday winter wonderland, Southern Californians experience warmer weather. This year however, the season is slightly warmer as fires spread across the Southland; the Creek Fire in the San Fernando... Continue Reading →

Music on Ocean Park: Fairview Branch Library Presents The Santa Monica Youth Orchestra By Michael Ray via Santa Monica Mirror

CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO Article & Photos by Michael Ray Santa Monica Mirror | Westside LA Today Like | Share | Retweet Greetings bibliophiles, authors, educators and musicians and librarians! To say that I Love the Library would be an... Continue Reading →

From Graveyard Love Songs, “Zombie Mamma” by BLAK | As Seen on Horror-Punks.Net!

Mr. Blak invited me to take part in his video for "Zombie Mamma" a song off from his Band's (BLAK) EP "Graveyard Love Songs." I did. And had a blast. Graveyard Love Songs is available on Amazon, ITunes, google... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: David of The Casualties, Starving Wolves and Krum Bums on Benefit for Mexico Earthquake Victims @ Five-Star Bar "The most important thing is that people like us are now who our parents were. We make the decisions. We choose to go along with the bushshit that they feed us, But we have the opportunity to get together.... Continue Reading →

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