It all started with a pallet, and a very simple vision. That vision has since evolved into a up-cycled garden space that is now home to lettuce, Moroccan and spearmint, thyme, oregano, curry plant, saint john’s wart, basil, cilantro, wormwood, and catnip–Read full description here. This small act of self-reliance has been an ongoing experiment, filled with wonder, amusement, communal happiness, and empowerment. The collaborative efforts of the Lorax Community have been documented in video, print and online.

Small actions cultivate results. The Lorax Community has always held an intimate space in my life, and over the years has served as a forum for me to share the ecological knowledge and research that I’ve completed. From web to print, anthems songs like We’ve Got Some Gardens to Grow [written and directed by Doren Damico] and documentaries like Why We Climb (footage courtesy of, California Environmental Legacy Project) have appeared on the site, featured in print, and distributed online.

It takes a community to raise a child and Peter Quezada has been one of the most influential uncle’s that one could ever ask for. Not only has he been a artistic mentor but he has also been a pioneer of recycling and environmental awareness for the Los Angeles Area for over 20 years. In this KCET spotlight video he emphasizes the importance of access to local food in an urban landscape. The Lorax Community 2015 playlist Interconnects with my “Literature of Farming” project, and highlights my passion for cinematic documentation and showcases homegrown fruits, vegetables herbs, recipes DIY projects and more.

In 2015, the Lorax Community became a supporte10383777_460100130826065_266923563915957741_or of Broadchester Farms, a collective of Angelinos that are transforming Los Angeles City Lot number 666 into a community green space. This beautification process has removed blight from area an in South Los Angeles that sorely needs more gardens, and edible landscape. Curiosity, support, and volunteers have come out from all parts of the SoCal region– from restaurants like Pitfire Pizza and Rockenwagner in Culver city, to gangster gardener Ron Finely, and even government agencies like LADOT, and LA Council District 8.