Week One: Letter Writing

 Stain'd Glass Soul

Recommended Media:

  • Soko:Love Letter via Nowness
    What do a French starlet, a deceased illustrator, and museum curator/filmmaker have in common? This animated letter set to the tune of Soko’s “tough” and “tender” of course.
  • Lakshmi Pratury: The lost art of letter-writing via TEDTALKS
    Letter writing is an intimate art that can transcend lifetimes.

Recommended Resource:

  • Purdue University: Writing The Business Letter
    The Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) is an amazing resource, not just for looking up formatting for business letters but also for other writing essentials such as MLA and APA formatting. I highly recommend reviewing book marking this site and it is a great asset to have in your literary toolbox.

Recommended Reading:

  • The Letter From Birmingham Jail (Alternative link 2, Click here)
    This is perhaps one of the most infamous letters, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter From A Birmingham Jail. It was writing during the civil rights movement of the 1960s and while King was sitting in a jail cell in Birmingham Alabama. In part, the letter was written in response to the bombing of a church in which 4 little girls were killed.
  • Oscar Wilde’s Letters to the editor of the Daily Chronicle
    The author of the Importance of Being Earnest and Salomé Oscar Wilde, writes to the editor of the Daily Chronicle regarding the state of Wandsworth prison.

Recommended Writing Exercises:

  • The Complaint Letter
    We all have something to complain about (or know someone just loves to complain about), but have you ever considered the effect of a strongly worded letter? Pick something that you are passionately concerned about (road conditions near your home, poor lighting on a busy intersection, the cost of movie tickets at your favorite theater), and draft a formal letter 1) identifying the problem, 2) identifying the group/people affected, 3) propose possible solutions 4) ramifications if the problem remains unaddressed. Finally, utilize Purdue’s “Writing the Business Letter” as a guide to assist in formalizing your letter.
  • A Letter to You
    Write a letter to your younger self, what would you tell them about your life today? Write a response to your current self, from the perspective of your younger self, how have you surpassed your own expectations and goals?

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