Print and digital media can help you grow your business by creating a familiar public relationship with your target market. Regular communication with your audience can create favorable, recognizable and unique branding. Between print and digital media there are many outreach options available.


Social Media Management

Social media management services include: running of social media accounts, content strategy and development, systems administrator. Whether you’re an individual, small business or intentional organization, social media is a vital tool for direct outreach to your audience. There are dozens of social media platforms available that your audience is already using.

Additional Services

  • newsletterNewsletters This is the most direct way of communicating with your customers and potential clients. Whether you use google, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, YMLP, or some other service, your clients won’t know about the latest products, services, or events that you’re hosting if you don’t tell them.
  • Social Media Blasts — boost your outreach by keeping your social media accounts up to date. Whether you have a Facebook page, or Twitter or Instagram account you can boost your outreach by regularly posting, this includes using hashtags, groups, lists and to your advantage.
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  • Press Releases — alerting the media about your services, events, products and business requires strategic planning as well as knowledge of the publications related to your field. More so you need to know how to answer the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOWs of your business.
  • 1654169_404510733055595_1237123877586273219_nFlyer Distribution  — new businesses as well as long-standing, ones can benefit from this form of direct outreach. This form of direct marketing is a “boots on the ground” approach to outreach. While social media can connect people, there’s no replacing face-to-face engagement.


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