Aftermath (The War is Over)

Oh Melancholy roses and scar filled skies,
I swore that you had forgotten my name.
What abnegation to truth do I continue to live,
Surely it must be deleterious on some level?

Oh Melancholy roses and scar filled skies
I swore that you had forgotten my name,
But the alabaster lining of truth
Has seemed to unearth your bleak shallow grave.

The malicious-mess has resulted in a macabre musing of manners;
Manifested by my own mind–mistakenly of course.

I will not despise the jailers,
The gatekeepers, the oppressors, los politicos, or Gandhi’s dusty left sandal,


It was my own ignorance that kept me in a dismal state.

This is because I had been so concerned with the past
With moments gone; with memories not yet forgotten; with trinkets of hurt,
With badges of shame; with stones solitude, with vixens and Vengeance, with icons and idols; with blasphemy and blame
With guilt and gluttony; with everything but the present moment!

Thus I Kept trippin’ over the same stones–Imperial manifestations of false creation;
which subverted my mind to endure negative mental stimulation.

However, once I stopped my lust for Procrastination
I was able to elevate my mind beyond a limiting frustration plantation.
Once I stopped with my Love affair with Procrastination
I found personal liberation,
An empty battlefield, and a new life-way to play with.

“How will you visualize your own realizations?”
–The Final Words of General Lonely Heart–