Infinity Flowerz - Copy
Michael Ray De Los Angeles

(The Matrix, Humboldt State University Womyn’s Resource Center, Fall 2011; The Humboldt Circus Presents: Carnival of The Mind,” April 26-27 2013, Eric Van Duzer Theater, Arcata California; Divine Love Talk, CRN Digital Talk Network, 17 July 20XIII; The Greater San Fernando Valley Optimist Club: 8th Annual Celebration Reception, 5 October 20XIII).

Rolling oceans de Amor, ebb and flow with Grace;
As a beauteous resolution is sprouted with a single seed.
Hold us close dear Sac Re Cur, we want to feel your breath,
As we, yes we, interconnect like the neo-dreamers of ions.
Between breathless moments of silence that are filled with joyful harmony,
Our voice is as loud as burning butterfly wings

We sing, we sing, Oh yes  we sing;
With the strength of a hurricane it is true.
From the Hill of Humboldt county, to the lower 9th of Naulins,
We Sing:
“I am strength and courage too, I am oh yes I am;
I am strength and courage too, the power in these hands.
We are power, and integrity too, oh yes oh yes we are
We are power and integrity too oh yes, oh yes we are….”

At this moment, I see the divine lines of spirits connecting
–yes intersecting–
And finding common ground in the urban beat-ba-beat-beat-beat.
Our streets, paved with concrete, will be de-con-struct-ed;
Brick by brick if we must.
We Chalk for those we Love:
Julia Butterfly Hill;
Angela Davis;
Malcolm X;
Dr. King;
Ceasar and Hugo Chavez;
The Drag Queens at Stonewall, in San Francisco, in Kansas
Sophie Lancaster!
Yes! It is up to us to build trust and seek new horizons,
For we are the immigrant dreamers of Zion
And greatness (yes greatness) is what we be.
So I am going to breathe (mindful of the trees, the birds, the bees and the azurite blue sea.
Che-che-checking in with the Angels of Glory; we are the new story
And the breath of inspiration is in our lungs like argon…
Beyond the world of Maya and Utnapishtim are new beginnings
And the truth is…
The truth is …
That the greatest Earthians;
The greatest of Earth’s inhabitants have not yet been born–
The colorful, genderless children with rainbow eyes are sitting amongst the stars, Laughing in the moonlight,
Swinging in the starshine
Awaiting for the days of free flight.

So, let us pave the bridge across the ocean;
And build a road that extends beyond the sea;
Embrace one another with open heart, body and mind;
Be Love and take the time for one another;
Listen to the wind (it is our voice);
Be fearless, courageous and loving;
And if nothing else
Inspire integrity,
because My Brothas’ and Sistahs,