Michael Ray De Los Angeles. All Rights Reserved
“War is Over” 2005. (Photo of Arlignton West Memorial) Toyon Literary Journal, Humboldt State University. Spring 2012.

[Special Thanks to the Veterans For Peace, for the awe-inspiring memorial which is documented in the photo above].

“War is Over”

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Youth and elders,
War is over.

Peace has come.

Alert the troops on every battlefield
Tell them “the era of conflict is done;”
Spread the word, “Peace has come.”


Call your sons and daughters home.


Lay down your guns.

We’ve built up our communities
and forgave
our “not-so-benevolent” selves

so that we
could stand together
proudly and say
“War is finally done.”

Angels will no longer need to play Melancholy’s songs
In gutters and back alleys,
Upon empty bottles of rum.

We started throwing flower seeds
Instead of dropping bombs.

War is finally over:
Peace has now begun.