Your Eyes, Bluer than Bisbee Azurite Mines
“Your Eyes, Bluer than Bisbee Azurite Mines”
Photogrpah by
Michael Ray De Los Angeles
Published in “The Matrix” Fall 2012

My freedom is inherently linked to yours. As long as your are still bound by the chains of unseen oppression, and are wandering the fogs of illusion, I will remain here.
-Michael Ray De Los Angeles-
.007 Dex-uber 23, 5773. VMP

At best, I can consider myself a recovering egomaniac living within a patriarchal society. Over the years I have directed my efforts towards the healing and repairing of the many beautiful relationships within my life. The Loving familia that I have, my amazing friends and my distinguished colleagues– jugglers, musicians, authors, historians and carpenters have all contributed (in one way or another) to the dismantling of my ego and have helped reconnect me to my and Divine Masculine self– special thanks to the men who raised me, my uncles, father, grandfather and cousins.

From an early age I have been witness to various levels of urban violence, domestic abuse and have witnessed one too many car crashes. My intention in writing, and in reading about the past in texts such as Mary Wolfstonecraft’s A Vindication on the Rights of Women; Arthur Miller’s The Crucible or even Octavia Butler’s The Parable of The Sower the struggles, challenges and triumphs of the yesterday have been highlighted. In short, we are learning and growing from our previous experiences.

This past year I have been so very humbled to have been included in The Women Resource Center’s semi annual publication “The Matrix.”
From the HSU Women website:

The Women’s Resource Center sponsors the publication of a feminist magazine called The Matrix. This publication serves as a forum for the expression of feminist ideas, and contains poetry, fiction, news, politics and art. The Matrix has been recognized as one of the top college publications by The Nation magazine, and has loyal readers all over the country.

Non-Arcata residents can get a free subscription by emailing hsuwomen@humboldt.edu with their address.

The Editor for editon of “The Matrix” was Amanda Saiz and she held the publication release 27 November 2012 in Nelson Hall East, Arcata, California. Digital editions of the the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 editions can be located here.

Published in The Matrix Fall 2012.

Rolling oceans de Amor, ebb and flow with Grace;
a beauteous resolution is sprouted with a single seed.
Hold us close dear Sac Re Cur, we want to feel your breath,
as we interconnect like the neo-dreamers of Zion.
Between moments of silence that are filled with joy and harmony,
Our voice is as loud as burning butterfly wings

We sing, we sing, we sing.
With the strength of a hurricane we sing:
From Humboldt California to the lower 9th of Naulins,
“I am strength, wisdom and courage.
We are power, integrity and compassion.”

At this moment, I see the divine lines of spirits connecting
–yes intersecting–
And finding common ground in the urban beat.
Our streets, paved with concrete, will be deconstructed–
Brick by brick if we must.
We Chalk for those we Love.

Yes, it is up to us to build trust and see new horizons.
We are the children of Zion
and greatness is what we be.
So I am going to breathe
mindful of the trees, birds, and the azurite sea.
Che-che-checking in with the Angels of Glory; we are the new story,
The breath of inspiration is in our lungs like argon.

Beyond the world of Maya and Utnapishtim are new beginnings
and the truth is that the greatest Earthians have not yet been born–
The colorful, genderless children with rainbow eyes
are sitting amongst the stars, laughing in the moonlight,
waiting for the days of free flight.

So let us pave the bridge across the ocean,
And build a road that extends beyond the sea.
Embrace with open heart, body and mind.
Be Love and take the time for one another.
Listen to the wind, it is our voice.
Be fearless, courageous and loving.
Inspire integrity.

My Brothas’ and Sistahs, we are a community.

Infinite Imagination: Infinite Possibilities
Infinite Imagination: Infinite Possibilities
Model: Eric Recchia
Photograph by
Michael Ray De Los Angeles
Published in “The Matrix” Fall 2012