“Video may have killed the radio star, but from the static and ashes a whole medium of expression has arisen .”

For as long as I can remember I have had a camera attached to my hand, as a child I created stop motion animations, filmed family events and snapped dozens upon dozens of photos. During my teenage years I kept video journals and even had a class that allowed me the time to edit and shoot video I campus. Today I find that I am still very much a film geek; I am currently documenting my academic and ecological adventures on the north coast. [Not all of these videos have seen the light of day, but many can be found on my video channel].

During this initial post I would like to highlight a few films that have had a profound impact on my cognitive awareness, my spirit and my being, enjoy.

I don’t recall exactly how it happened but at some point, during a late and sleepless night I discovered the film Kymatica. The film was so very much on point with its insights that I had to share it with others that I knew. The film’s director Ben Stewart connects both esoteric wisdom and moderns science; and in doing so highlight the intersecting ideals that are present through various cultures regardless of variables such as space and time.

While attending a workshop on classroom management, Dr Gale Gorke mentioned this film as a must see. I was so inspired by her workshop that the title of the film kept jumping out at me during my ride home. Shortly after the workshop I had a moment to check out the film and well lets just say that it has been nearly three years since the workshop and the lessons keep unraveling for me.

While there are a number of videos that address the treatment of nonhuman nature, “Earthlings” is one film that stands out. I think it has to do with the wide range of topics that are covered within the film, from the food that we eat to our animal kin– this film dances fearlessly with a number of issues. This one has made me really examine how it is that I want to live my life. More than anything else I want to live Harmoniously with other species that co-inhabit this planet we call Earth.