This page is contains my guest features on CRN Digital Talk Network’s Divine Love Talk, hosted by Dr. Parthenia Grant.

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The most important relationship in our lives is our relationship with our Divine selves. Once we begin to focus our energies on self transcendence of the fears and dramas of our egos, and balancing the out of control masculine by calling in the Divine Feminine, we will not have time to blame and accuse others for the misery in our lives because the work we put into becoming non-reactive, peaceful warriors, is in alignment with Gandhi’s advice to “become the change you want to see in the world.”  When we change, we don’t have to worry about trying to change others. They will react differently to the change in us.

Divine Love Talk promotes balancing the masculine and feminine energies in men and women; living in a spirit of cooperation (constructive-win/win) with all that is vs. competition (destructive (win/lose).  And cultivating a desire to “receive for the sake of having more to share” vs. a desire to  receive for the self alone” (Kabbalah).  The universe acts as a Cosmic Mirror, thus, if we think negative, limiting thoughts, they get reflected back at us in the form of negative, limiting relationships and situations.  And any harm we do to others also gets reflected back to us in the form of misfortune, sickness or disease.  Therefore, the most loving thing one can do for oneself is to be forgiving toward those who harm, judge or condemn others.