Michael Ray De Los Angeles




Summer Showcase

Bring a Sangha Cinema Night experience to your venue, private engagement or sponsor a cinema night at Win Within Sangha.


Michelle “Moss” Wurlitzer, Chico’s Bicycling Muralist

Cycling activist, artist and Humboldt State graduate, Michelle Moss Wurlitzer.

A Literary Oasis: Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural and Bookstore.

Michael Ray ♛ 323.592.7649 Los Angeles, CA, 2015. I first walked into Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural over a decade ago, and since then, have met the most extraordinary folks, experienced sacred ceremonies, and shared my vulnerabilities, meditations and spoken... Continue Reading →

20XIV: Sock The Homeless.

Yes, it is here. No, we're not going to melt, and the world is not going to end--at least not any sooner than previously scheduled. Instead we're going to make this year a little brighter than the previous, not simply... Continue Reading →

Yuba City or Bust

I have reached Yuba city, which is south of Chico, Biggs, Durham and Live Oak. Hooray for the many hours that went into this ride. Seriously, this leg of my journey has been the most trying on my patience, endurance and... Continue Reading →

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