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Photo of the Day: Blueberries

The scientific name for the blueberry is Vaccinium Corymbosum. From jam, to smoothies, frozen or fresh, blueberries are fun to eat by the handful or are a sweet addition to your favorite foods including yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, and pies. Enjoy.  ... Continue Reading →


Update! When You Can’t Scream… Instagram. 10 Things To Do When You Can’t Scream | Vampyrohtechnix Media

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rawveganista: New recipe: Low-fat Raw #Vegan Hard Shell Tacos #rawvegan #rawfood #glutenfree #nutfree #lfrv Happy Earth Week & a very warm WELCOME to the bevy of new subscribers who have recently found their way to this simple wee blog via... Continue Reading →

randomveganyogi: Finally got around to making these again. Rice paper wraps, some have tofu, some have avocado, they all have kale and broccoli. The ones with seaweed were the easiest to wrap. I used the oil-free, unsalted kind. Also: nutritional... Continue Reading →

yackattack: New on Vegan Yack Attack! Lemon Raspberry Pizookie

Who doesn’t love desserts? This amazing book shares 101 quick & easy vegan recipes for delicious desserts & healthy treats. Grab it here for digital download!

Vegan on a budget? Freebie Friday giveaway #3 may very well be the perfect ebook to suit your needs! This cook book is a compact book that is full of flavor. It holds over 30 recipes of vegan, budget friendly... Continue Reading →

Next up on our list for Freebie Friday giveaway ebooks is this digital gem filled with over 50 recipes for vegan blended “smoothie” drinks! Recipes include: -Watermelon Vanilla Smoothie - Calming Chamomile Banana Smoothie - Minty Chocolate Chip Shake -Raspberry... Continue Reading →

For the return of Freebie Friday ebook giveaway, we are pleased to present once again for your Vegan DIY enjoyment: How to Make Tofu at Home! Do you know the history of tofu? Do you wonder how it was originally... Continue Reading →

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