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Next up in our ‘Freebie Friday’ ebook giveaway: Eat Like You Love Yourself Book 1 - Raw Food Recipes. (click on linked title to download directly via Amazon) This incredibly simple and straightforward raw vegan recipe collection features several easy,... Continue Reading →


Kicking off ‘Freebie Friday’ on the vegandiy blog w/another vegan recipe ebook from the 'Quick & Easy’ series: Vegan Recipes: Meat And Dairy Free Recipes That Stay True To The Vegan Diet. (click linked title to download directly from Amazon)…with... Continue Reading →

Next up on our list for Freebie Friday giveaway ebooks is this digital gem filled with over 50 recipes for vegan blended “smoothie” drinks! Recipes include: -Watermelon Vanilla Smoothie - Calming Chamomile Banana Smoothie - Minty Chocolate Chip Shake -Raspberry... Continue Reading →

For the return of Freebie Friday ebook giveaway, we are pleased to present once again for your Vegan DIY enjoyment: How to Make Tofu at Home! Do you know the history of tofu? Do you wonder how it was originally... Continue Reading →

Freebie Friday giveaway 3 (of 4) is all about quick & easy vegan raw food recipes for beginners (or lazy folk)! šŸ˜‰ Click here to download Simply Raw: Quick and Easy Recipes for Beginners by Ana Quinn, whilst it’s offered... Continue Reading →

#FreebieFriday Giveaway 2 (of 4) - #Healthy Dessert Recipes!: 50 Easy, Delicious #Vegan, Low Fat Calorie, Weight Loss Desserts! Each of these luscious looking plant-based recipes contains nutritional information, including fat grams, calories and total fat calorie percentage for those... Continue Reading →

It’s time for another Freebie Friday! Giveaway 1 (of 4) is a belated gift to all who enjoyed yesterday’s #OrientalVegan edition of #VeganRecipeHour and may be keen to further explore Asian cuisine from a vegan POV. Click here to download... Continue Reading →

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