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Vegan on a budget? Freebie Friday giveaway #3 may very well be the perfect ebook to suit your needs! This cook book is a compact book that is full of flavor. It holds over 30 recipes of vegan, budget friendly... Continue Reading →


vegandiy: Free Stuff Friday - Spring Cleaning for the body! 27 easy recipes for juicing & smoothies to help us get fit & fresh for the new year ahead. Sprechen Sie Deutsches? The German edition of 27 Easy Recipes for... Continue Reading →

It’s time for another Freebie Friday! Giveaway 1 (of 4) is a belated gift to all who enjoyed yesterday’s #OrientalVegan edition of #VeganRecipeHour and may be keen to further explore Asian cuisine from a vegan POV. Click here to download... Continue Reading →

Freebie Friday VeganDIY giveaway pt 2: Go Vegan - How to Easily Start and Implement a Vegan Lifestyle for Better Health (click link for Amazon download)

veganspirituality: In honour of the Lenten fast (& “Freebie Friday”), we offer a free ebook on veganism and the spiritual enlightenment which comes from adaptation peaceful dietary habits - The Daniel Fast Made Delicious: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free & Vegan Recipes That... Continue Reading →

It’s Freebie Friday! Today we are delighted to offer over 100 of the most famous & popular recipes in the world - made VEGAN! With a few tweaks to your favorite celebrity chef dishes, these meals can be turned into... Continue Reading →

Giveaway #3 is ideal for the raw vegan crowd, athletes, fitness enthusiasts & others keen on improving health.  Smoothie Recipes for Health contains 44 quick & simple blended fruit recipes perfect for increasing energy, physical endurance, brain function, cellular nourishment,... Continue Reading →

We are thrilled to be able to offer this collection of glutenfree vegan recipes as giveaway #2 for “Freebie Friday”! This “Gluten Free Vegan Diet Recipe Cookbook” is Hanna Getty’s most recent addition to her rather extensive and varied collection... Continue Reading →

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