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Community Spotlight: Burkart Organics

New Prints Now Availible

The Welcome To Autumn prints are in and will be available for special order as of Monday October 6th. Introducing new prints is always an exciting process and as is the culmination of detailed review and selection process. This is... Continue Reading →


Craft Night at The Craft & Folk Art Museum.

For Angelinos, summer is a time for outdoor concerts, festivals, art walks (the Northeast Los Angeles Artwalk is this weekend) and so much more than idle meandering at the beach. During the summer months there are a plethora of gatherings for... Continue Reading →

Happy (Belated) Mars Day

Every time a project reaches a cycle of completion I am filled with a sense of joy and pride. There really is something to be said about seeing a work come to life that makes me rather jubilant. This week's... Continue Reading →

What's your personal mantra?

This is a still from the upcoming music video, "We've Got Some Gardens to Grow." Special thanks to a wonderful our Director of Photography, Sotolense. Without her skill talent, and amazingly sharp eyes, the video projectwould not be on its journey to completion.... Continue Reading →

The 2014 Pasadena Chalk Art Festival

For over 20 years now the Pasadena Chalk Art festival has been adding color to concrete walkways of Pasadena. This year marked the 22nd year of the festival and my 4th year as a participating artist--wow, times flies. Back in... Continue Reading →

This is my favorite photo from a set of recently developed 35mm film. I recently located a studio that develops film, and will be returning to analog photography after a (seemingly) lengthy hiatus. The running title for this entire set... Continue Reading →

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