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A Literary Oasis: Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural and Bookstore.

Michael Ray ♛ 323.592.7649 Los Angeles, CA, 2015. I first walked into Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural over a decade ago, and since then, have met the most extraordinary folks, experienced sacred ceremonies, and shared my vulnerabilities, meditations and spoken... Continue Reading →


The 2014 Pasadena Chalk Art Festival

For over 20 years now the Pasadena Chalk Art festival has been adding color to concrete walkways of Pasadena. This year marked the 22nd year of the festival and my 4th year as a participating artist--wow, times flies. Back in... Continue Reading →

Juicy June! Lorax Community 4 SeasonZine

It is official, Juicy June! Lorax Community 4 SeasonZine is complete, and now ready for preorders. Simply fill out the order form (below) and send your method of payment to: Lorax Community C/O Michael Ray Menjivar P.O. Box 331343 Pacoima... Continue Reading →

Vampyrohtechnix's mix for the month of March/marzo/mars/März: About "March On: The Platform Departure" What I realized half way through the creation of this set was how (seemingly) different musical genres have influenced one another over the years. For example, without... Continue Reading →

Tracing A Spiral

 Every once in a while the stars align themselves and I find myself in the midst of a spiral before I can say "sweet gangsta-guerilla-gardeners growing grapes, guavas and ginger." Honestly, after the events of this past weekend, I have to... Continue Reading →

Black Friday, MRDLA Heads for the Hills!!!

My journey to Granada Hills was rewarding, not only did I have the opportunity meet a plethora of local residents but I also had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with the various owners of the food trucks that were present--... Continue Reading →

MRDLA Post Fifty-Nine: 11.11.20XIII, (LVT, 91342)

To learn more about the Arlington West Memorial & the Veterans for Peace, click here: "War is Over" can be heard on Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Sung On Chalk Stain'd Concrete. Today is Veteran's Day: Respectfully, I will be... Continue Reading →

Launching the Self Towards Greatness

So many things a-brewin' right now, between scheduling book readings, radio time, uploading media from various events and co-organizing a fundraiser with For Learner of All Ages, I didn't expect to find the time to create an app for my musical endeavors. Woohoo... Continue Reading →

An open Lettre to a Community Mourning The Recently Departed

An open Lettre to a Community Mourning The Recently DepartedThis has to stop: the deaths from violence, social, cultural and political conflict, drug addiction,  negligence of self worth (including suicide) have to stop. The deaths are senseless deaths that have... Continue Reading →

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