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Coming to The BE HIVE this March!

This coming March, Suzy Meszoly, founder of The Art of Energetic Healing School NY, will expand her classroom and coursework into the Los Angeles community with weekend intensives at The Be Hive, which located in the heart of Hollywood. For... Continue Reading →


A Literary Oasis: Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural and Bookstore.

Michael Ray ♛ 323.592.7649 Los Angeles, CA, 2015. I first walked into Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural over a decade ago, and since then, have met the most extraordinary folks, experienced sacred ceremonies, and shared my vulnerabilities, meditations and spoken... Continue Reading →

Juicy June! Lorax Community 4 SeasonZine

It is official, Juicy June! Lorax Community 4 SeasonZine is complete, and now ready for preorders. Simply fill out the order form (below) and send your method of payment to: Lorax Community C/O Michael Ray Menjivar P.O. Box 331343 Pacoima... Continue Reading →

Although we view veganism as an ethical stance & lifestyle beyond diet, we ran across The Health Miracles of a Vegan Diet and thought it ideal for Veganuary. Today we’re sharing it with our readers as a “Freebie Friday” giveaway,... Continue Reading →

MRDLA Post Fifty-Nine: 11.11.20XIII, (LVT, 91342)

To learn more about the Arlington West Memorial & the Veterans for Peace, click here: "War is Over" can be heard on Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Sung On Chalk Stain'd Concrete. Today is Veteran's Day: Respectfully, I will be... Continue Reading →

Reflections of Light In A World Full of Mirrors.

August is nearly over and that means that we are drawing ever closer to autumn with each passing day. The long, heated summer afternoons will soon be behind us; the festivals just a memory; and the clothing-is-optional social gatherings will... Continue Reading →

“The Miracle of A Breath” (A Poem)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be September's full moon-- mystic mama notes that we will be entering Leo; whereas agriculturalists call this month's moon the "Full Sturgeon Moon;"  whatever the case, tomorrow's full moon is sure to light up the sky and... Continue Reading →

Fresh as the Day I Was Born

Yes I am feelin' ohhhh so good, I am talkin' about James Brown good; I am talkin' about fallin' in Love good; I am talkin' about Kale salad fresh or RawVeganista recipe page good: I am feelin' as fresh as... Continue Reading →

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