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There are few artistic expressions that are as temporal as chalk art– sand sculpting and bubble blowing are the only two that I can think of.  In creating a work of art with chalk or pastels as the medium of... Continue Reading →


A video posted by Vampyrohtechnix Media (@vampyrohtechnix_media) on May 3, 2016 at 11:44pm PDT // #LaMer. #Juggling with my @glofx #led balls. Still getting a feel for them, but today I’m feeling blue. Working my way up juggling six balls.... Continue Reading →

A Literary Oasis: Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural and Bookstore.

Michael Ray ♛ 323.592.7649 Los Angeles, CA, 2015. I first walked into Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural over a decade ago, and since then, have met the most extraordinary folks, experienced sacred ceremonies, and shared my vulnerabilities, meditations and spoken... Continue Reading →

Juicy June! Lorax Community 4 SeasonZine

It is official, Juicy June! Lorax Community 4 SeasonZine is complete, and now ready for preorders. Simply fill out the order form (below) and send your method of payment to: Lorax Community C/O Michael Ray Menjivar P.O. Box 331343 Pacoima... Continue Reading →

20XIV: Sock The Homeless.

Yes, it is here. No, we're not going to melt, and the world is not going to end--at least not any sooner than previously scheduled. Instead we're going to make this year a little brighter than the previous, not simply... Continue Reading →

Finally, Some Poetry: “Lost In Eternity” with Piano Accompanyment

Black Friday, MRDLA Heads for the Hills!!!

My journey to Granada Hills was rewarding, not only did I have the opportunity meet a plethora of local residents but I also had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with the various owners of the food trucks that were present--... Continue Reading →

MRDLA Post Fifty-Nine: 11.11.20XIII, (LVT, 91342)

To learn more about the Arlington West Memorial & the Veterans for Peace, click here: "War is Over" can be heard on Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Sung On Chalk Stain'd Concrete. Today is Veteran's Day: Respectfully, I will be... Continue Reading →

I am back in Humboldt California, at least for these next few days. As the sound of drums echoes off in the background I can't help but feel that I am once again home-- although in reality everywhere is home.... Continue Reading →

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