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rawveganista:Happy #PiDay! #SaintPatricksDay is just round the bend, so I’ve done #raw/#vegan/#glutenfree Reuben PIZZA pie in honour of both occasions.This raw/vegan, grain-free, & nut-free #veganic pie is comprised of the following elements: “Rye bread” crust, topped w/creamy #eggfree/#dairyfree Thousand Island... Continue Reading →


Next up in our ‘Freebie Friday’ ebook giveaway: Eat Like You Love Yourself Book 1 - Raw Food Recipes. (click on linked title to download directly via Amazon) This incredibly simple and straightforward raw vegan recipe collection features several easy,... Continue Reading →

Check this AMAZING VeganDIY of the day! rawveganista: Near-complete disclosure of my multi-recipe (see links within) construction method from yesterday’s truly epic Mexican-style multi-layered raw/vegan bowl, as per request for loraxcommunity’s vegandiy blog: This big bowl of seriously spicy goodness... Continue Reading →

vegandiy: Free Stuff Friday - Spring Cleaning for the body! 27 easy recipes for juicing & smoothies to help us get fit & fresh for the new year ahead. Sprechen Sie Deutsches? The German edition of 27 Easy Recipes for... Continue Reading →

rawveganista: ‘Tis the season for hearty raw breakfasts! As apples are still in season, I felt it an appropriate time for re-sharing my popular recipe for raw/vegan apple/cinnamon porridge (which goes *splendidly* with “the holy grail of vegan butter”)! Also,... Continue Reading →

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