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National Poetry Month | “Sac Re Cur” by Michael Ray De Los Angeles

"Goin' Out of My Head," plays on my headphones. "Mon amour, I really dig Lady Ella," I say as I lean in for a kiss. We board an iron bird, and wake in a city d'amour, morte, et révolution. Our hands... Continue Reading →


Michelle “Moss” Wurlitzer, Chico’s Bicycling Muralist

Cycling activist, artist and Humboldt State graduate, Michelle Moss Wurlitzer.

News of The Day: Rock Climbing is Flippin’ Amazin’!!!

There is something about paying acute attention to the cracks, crevices, groves and the shape of a rock that allow for an intimate experience with said rock. Yesterday I went rock climbing at Stony Point for the first time, and while... Continue Reading →

Los Angeles I Funkin’ Love You!!!

Yeah, it is true.  And after some much needed familia time in Virgil Village, and Highland Park, I have landed in LVT (Lake View Terrace)-- home to murals, Hansen Dam, and just a few miles away from Angeles National Forest.... Continue Reading →

Yuba City or Bust

I have reached Yuba city, which is south of Chico, Biggs, Durham and Live Oak. Hooray for the many hours that went into this ride. Seriously, this leg of my journey has been the most trying on my patience, endurance and... Continue Reading →

Red Bluff, Chico, Highway 99 and a Chap Book Rerelease!!!

Moi Caveat! This is a lengthy post that is with tasty info about farms, downloadable content and written by one heated cyclist. Michael Ray De Los Angeles Editor, Kaleidoscope Soup, Contributor, Lorax Community Guess where I am? Ready? Chico, California! After... Continue Reading →

Redding, California: Divine Nature, Attitude of Gratitude, and Mount Shasta in Brief

Ok well these are the highlights of the past 48 hours Biked to Bunny Flat Trailhead and played my drum on the mountain. Recorded a video interpretation of Paul Grubb's poem "Dedicated to A Muse" Karen, the camp hostess @... Continue Reading →

Post Shasta, but not yet out of the woods.

Its true. I am no longer on Mount Shasta, I am now 8 miles south in Dunsmuir, California-- in a word stuck here for the night. I'll get to that in a bit, but first I'd like to disclose a... Continue Reading →

Aloha Compañer@s

Well, another night on the mountain has come to a close. Yesterday I biked up to McBride Springs Campground, started a fire with wet wood, and shared some warmth with Sara May Sun and Melanie. Good times, laughter and conversations... Continue Reading →

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